Social Distancing Caravan Games

Thursday, 13 August 2020  |  Katie

As camp sites begin to open again and we are able to see friends and family, it is important to stay safe while spending some long awaited quality time with our loved ones. Though it can be confusing or difficult to adjust to our ‘new normal’, we have compiled a list of exciting games and activities that allow you to stay safe while having fun. While playing all of these games we encourage you to follow government guidelines by keeping a safe distance and keeping your hands clean. Sanitising anything used during the games can help to ensure safety.

Outside Games 

DIY Ring Toss

You can buy a classic game of ring toss from most toy stores however, if you would like a more creative option or you are unable to access a toy store during your trip, making your own game may be a great option. If you have any empty bottles or even empty cardboard toilet rolls you can use them as the targets. All you need to make the rings is some cardboard to cut out or rigid rope and duct tape. To go the extra mile, painting and drawing on your DIY set can make a lovely sentimental project.

Swing Ball

Swing ball is a brilliant active game for members young and old. You are spaced apart at least 2m away from your opponent (unless you would like a tennis ball flying at your face!). Minimise contact by always using your own bat throughout the game, and use one person as the server.


Badminton is a great game to pass the time and enable some healthy competition. Badminton sets can be found in most toy stores or online. You can easily play with one opponent or doubles while keeping a safe distance apart. Having one person serve will also keep contact at a minimum.


The classic game is a great way to get the whole family involved in something active outside in the fresh air. Most households own a football or can be easily accessed by purchasing from a range of toy or superstores. Needing only your feet to play this game, it is a great way to avoid contact as long as a sensible 2m distance is kept (no tackling!).

Nerf War 


Due to leisure centres and activity parks being closed down, it can be tricky to have new ideas about how to keep active family and friends occupied. As an alternative to paintballing, a nerf war can create lots of laughs and take players into a fantasy escape for a while during this complicated time.

These foamy toys can be found in most toy stores and supermarkets from low price to top of the range. Shooting range is excellent for a toy therefore enabling members to keep a safe distance. Target practise can help with hand eye coordination and be played as a solo game.

Fairy House 


A craze that seems to have become popular during lockdown is rock painting. Simple and artistic it is a great way for kids to interact with nature, and give a sense of community during this social distancing time. Fairy house is a great game to play with little ones, even if you do not have any paint, ask the family to create a fairy house with whatever they can find in the woods!

These pictures were taken along a woodland trail in Sussex very close to our own Gatewick Farm Caravan storage site. The local school encouraged children to get creative and the teachers created a beautiful colourful trail for walkers to follow. 

Games that can be played inside 

Providing you are within your support bubble, during the English summer there may be some rainy days that require social distance games we can play with friends and family inside. The great thing about these games is that they can also be played outside if the sun decides to come out. 

Noughts and Crosses (or whatever you have 3 of!)

If you have a pen and paper, or can find 3 of the same thing this game is a simple quick game to keep everyone entertained. The aim of the game is to get all 3 of your symbols in a consecutive line, just watch out for your opponent blocking your ideas!

This game could also be adapted to be played outside with pavement chalk or just some sticks and rocks to make a grid and symbols.


This classic game requires no props just your mind and acting skills! There are many variations and different rules for charades but this can involve as many players as you like, as one player must specify whether the character they must act out is from a book, film or TV programme. They must not use words or sounds to help the other players guess what they are trying to be. This can be such a laugh out loud game with some questionable moves!


Easily adaptable to any subject, a classic pub style quiz can let players show off their general knowledge. Many ready-made quizzes can be found online however, if you are feeling dexterous you can make your own quiz with some trick questions tailored specially for you well known compadres.

Fruit Roll Up Race

A sweet treat and a fun game? Something the whole family can enjoy at a safe distance if required. Sometimes a little sweet flavoured pick me up can be enough to turn a frown upside down. All you need for this game is a long fruity sweet roll up, the winner is the first to eat the roll up without using their hands!#

Card Games


A classic card game that is likely found in most households. If not they can easily be purchased from a toy or superstore at a low price. A number of cards has different rules meaning players have to match the colours or numbers of each card.


Using a traditional card pack each player tries to form matched sets consisting of groups of three or four of a kind e.g. 3 kings, or sequences of three or more cards of the same suit e.g. 2,3,4,5 of spades.


The aim of the game is to add the values of your hand up to 21, or as close as possible to 21. Once your hand exceeds 21 you are out of the game. Are you feeling lucky to ask for an extra card?!

Go Fish

This is a family friendly game for ages 4+. The players receive a hand of cards with the rest face down on the table. The aim of the game is to be the first to get any four of a kind. Players ask others for a specific card if they think they may have it. If this is not the case the player asking is told to ‘go fish’ from the spare pack.


A game of deception, which can bring out the best actors in your group. Players must go around the circle placing cards face down in a pile, calling in ascending order. If players believe the caller is lying, they must call them out by saying cheat. If the caller is lying about their card, they must pick the pack of face down cards and the calling will start again. The winner is the player who gets rid of all their hand first.

Storytelling Games


One player must think of a crazy situation where everything goes haywire (for example a bank robbery or abducted onto an alien ship!) and choose other players to think of a way out of your puzzling situation. You can chose one player or go around the group and follow on from the last sentence!

You can buy a more complex and adult themed game of Fiasco online!

I Went To Market

The classic campfire game where your basket can contain the most weird and wonderful objects! One player starts by saying 'I went to market and put a ... in my basket'. The next player must then repeat and add an extra item to the basket. This continues until a player gets the order of items wrong! Who will have the best memory?!


Baking competition

Whether you are playing virtually or able to meet with your friends and family at a safe distance to judge, a baking competition is the best way to have fun and get a tasty prize at the end of it! Why not try and bake a cake that represents lockdown for you? You could end up with some very abstract cakes and bakes to compare!


We hope some of these games inspire you to have fun despite the tricky times we are in and give you some interesting ideas for future holiday traditions!

If you have any other games or ideas to add, please comment below.