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Caravan Holiday Essentials Checklist | Free Download

Monday, 10 February 2020  |  Will Strivens

Caravan Holiday Essentials Checklist

Don't you hate that feeling when you realise you've forgotten something!? Well don't worry, we've got your back! This is our ultimate packing guide for your caravan or camping holiday. You can download our free caravan holiday checklist PDF and print it out to insure you never forget anything ever again and you don't over pack! 

In this checklist I have decided to leave out some of the obvious things you will need for your holiday such as quantities of clothing, kitchenwares etc. as this can be down to personal choice but I would say, make sure you pack for all weather conditions! Especially if camping in the UK (we all know what the weather is like here!).

Services & Treatments

These are the big players, forget these and it could lead to a miserable week of sitting in the dark with no running water! 

  • Mains hook-up lead​
  • Full gas bottle (or insure you have enough for your trip)
  • Water container such as an Aqua roll and water pump for all your fresh water
  • Grey water tank such as a waste master
  • Cassette toilet chemicals
  • Loo roll
  • Water purification system
  • Fully charged leisure battery


It's always good to be prepared in a emergency situation! Here are some of the things I think you should always carry in your car or caravan/motorhome:

  • First aid kit (make sure it is large enough to support all travellers)
  • Break down equipment and if you have it, details of your break down cover and insurance. (policy number, contact phone number etc.)
  • Spare tyre (with air in it!) and necessary tools to change the wheel (jack + wheel brace)
  • Any emergency medication travellers might need (epipen, heart medication etc.)

Setting Up Camp

I'm a big fan of setting up camp and I love the satisfaction once its all done. Once the dream setup is complete, all that's left to do is relax with a nice cold beer! I normally use these items to make my setup perfect:

  • Levelling blocks
  • Awning/Tent pegs
  • Mallet for pegs
  • Corner steady brace
  • Levelling spirit level
  • Fold up chairs
  • Fold up table
  • Wind break
  • Caravan step

Other Useful Items

Once you've got all the essentials ticked off, you're pretty much good to go but here is a list of some other bits and bobs that I would normally tend to pack:

  • Head torch
  • Spare batteries
  • Games (football/rugby ball, deck of cards, frisbee etc.)
  • Some spare string/rope can come in very useful. I normally take 550 paracord. Thats the stuff they use on parachutes
  • Duct tape
  • Phone and laptop charging leads
  • Flip-flops or Crocs are really handy if nipping in and out the van a lot and also useful when heading off to the showers


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