7kg Butane Gas Refill

Our Price:  £27.50

Brand:  Calor
Type:  Gas

Calor 21mm Butane Clip-on 29mb RegulatorCalor 21mm Butane Clip-on 29mb Regulator
2M Low Pressure Hose & 2 Jubilee Clips2M Low Pressure Hose & 2 Jubilee Clips

This bottle size is currently only available in exchange for an empty 3.9kg propane 4.5kg butane, 6kg propane, 6kg propane lite & 7kg butane, if you do not have a bottle to exchange your order will be subject to a Cylinder refill agreement.


Ideal for small indoor portable heaters.

Please have any empty gas bottles available for exchange if applicable. Any order without a gas bottle to exchange is subject to a cylinder refill agreement prior to delivery.

Cylinder Refill Agreement

When buying a gas bottle from us for the first time, you’ll be subject to a new cylinder refill agreement costing from £29.99, depending which of the five groups your gas bottle is in. If you do not have a gas bottle to exchange, please call us on 01903 812241 to arrange a Cylinder Refill Agreement . The charge will be added for each bottle you purchase without an empty counterpart to exchange or if the bottle is not within the same group as your previous policy. More details can be found on the Calor's Gas bottle exchange policy page on their website.

Product code 110071
Manufacturer Calor
Cylinder Type Butane
Cylinder usage Portable heaters
Cylinder Colour Blue
Capacity 7kg
Height 495mm
Diameter 256mm
Tare weight (empty) 7.3-10.9kg
Gross weight (full) 15-17kg
Rec. offtake (approx.) 7kW

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